Six-Day War
Part of Fake Wars
Date May 16-May 21, 2011
Location Lubya
Result Lubyan victory
Flag of LubyaI.svg Lubya Efden flag.svg Efden
Commanders and leaders
Flag of LubyaI.svg Ty Command

Flag of LubyaI.svg TJ Himze

Efden flag.svg Bob Garrison

Efden flag.svg John Garrison

Efden flag.svg Steve Garrison

55,000 65,000
Casualties and losses


3 tanks destroyed

195 killed

4,000 captured

7 tanks destroyed

11 Civilians killed and 25 wounded.
War officially started May 16, 2011, at 1:43pmEST.

The 2011 Lubyan Blockade Crisis began on November 16, 2011, when neighboring country Efden laid siege to Lubya. Efden brought up a force of 67,000 soldiers, 300 tanks, 350 RPG's and 15 bombers, while Lubya had 25,000 soldiers, 175 tanks and 310 RPG's. However, Lubya did have an extra 40 surface to air missiles, 45 AA guns and 50 air-to-surface missiles.


Tensions between Lubya and Efden began to fail in March 2011. Lubya's temporary commander, Ty Command, had agreed to give the Blast Strip, a 4-mile long, 100 yard-wide strip, to Efden for $16 million dollars. However, Efden's commander, Bob Garrison, only paid off $11 million dollars and had another $5 million to go by early May 2011.

Lubya: Wolf Conference

Ty Command held a meeting on May 11, 2011, and along with the other 7 cabinet members, believed that Efden must pay back the $5 million dollars. He also arose a new idea: surprise-attack the Alibita compound, a non-stop RPG & missile fire. The cabinet voted 4-4, with neither side winning. So, instead, they did not take action. Ty Command called for another meeting on May 14, 2011, which had the same turnout.

Efden: The Decision

Bob Garrison officially announced to the cabinet on May 14, 2011, that he planned to attack Lubya.

Initial Invasion

See also: Battle of Siffley

Approx. 14 Efden tanks split into two columns led a charge into the city of Siffley, a major-city with a population of 342,763. At the time, there were 4,700 soldiers, 15 RPG's and 10 tanks in the city. The 25,000-size Efden attacking force pushed the force out within 45 minutes. All of Siffley, except for the airport, was under Efden control.

However, Himze Brigade, under the command of General T.J. Himze, started a shelling at 12:50pmEST on May 17, 2011, and continued it on. He also sent a column of 15 tanks into the city to destroy any Efden forces.


The war ended on May 21, 2011, as Efden & Lubyan forces agreed to stop hostilities for one week. Over 200 soldiers were killed in the 3-day fighting.

Aftermath Fighting

There was a some gunfire on August 20, 2011, as Efden forces retreated back into their territory.


2011 Lubyan Blockade Deaths by Day

Day Lubya Lubya Pct. Efden Efden Pct. Total Deaths
May 16 41 68.3% 19 31.6% 60
May 17 36 48.6% 38 51.3% 74
May 18 14 21.8% 50 78.1% 64
May 19 6 13.3% 39 86.6% 45
May 20 2 4.2% 48 96.8% 50
May 21 3 60.4% 2 40.6% 5